Pork Escalope from topside
Pork Escalope from topside

Pork Escalope from topside, raw

Product description

Escalope cut from the fresh ham. Seasoned, not tenderised. Covered with a coating of whole egg, milk and extra-fine original Austrian breadcrumbs. Natural rustic appearance. Ready-to-cook.

Product characteristics: raw
Preparation recommendations:
Weight SU / Box
Article number
EAN Palette calculator Layers / Boxes
140 g / unit 30 units / box 90996-00* 4001902909961 9-54
160 g / unit 30 units / box 91442-00 4001902914422 9-54
180 g / unit 30 units / box 91441-00 4001902914415 9-54
200 g / unit 30 units / box 92061-10 4001902920614 9-54

Recommended preparation

Prepare the product from frozen. Cooking times may vary depending on the power rating of the appliance.
Pan: braise on both sides at medium heat for approx. 4 min.
Deep fryer: approx. 4 min. at 170°C
Store and transport at -18°C. Consume immediately after thawing. Do not refreeze. Only consume when cooked thoroughly.

Ingredients & nutrition

pork (75 %), wheat flour, water, whole egg, salt, durable whole milk, yeast, wheat starch, acid sodium citrates E 331, thickener carrageenan E 407, pepper

100 g contain on average:
calorific value (kj) / (kcal) 604 kj / 143 kcal
    of which saturates:
3,7 g
1,5 g
    of which sugars:
9,6 g
1,4 g
fibre <0,5 g
protein 18 g
salt 1,4 g

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