Vegan enjoyment

Vegan enjoyment

2021-02-10 13:58

With the first Plant Meat products in our range, we are responding to the changing eating habits and desires of people and taking up a popular and trend-setting topic. Because it is no longer just the younger target group who want alternatives to meat.

Wheat protein based novelties

We are opening our Plant Meat division with four 100% vegan items based on wheat protein. We made a conscious decision in favor of wheat and against soy, because with wheat we have no off-flavors or foreign tastes and little allergen potential. In addition, 75% of our wheat comes from Germany and the remainder from Europe, which benefits the CO2 balance.

Our four newcomers

... are based on their popular, "original" FVZ models and represent their meat-free alternative. They are quick to prepare and true all-rounders. Traditionally served or in modern recipes from the trendy vegan kitchen, they can be used in many ways:

  • The new vegan minced products are handcrafted with a loose structure and visible parsley. They get their typical taste from ingredients such as marjoram, mustard and lovage. Browned all around, the vegan mini meatballs (18 g) tempt you with a variety of recipe ideas - as a main course with a side dish, prepared in a delicious sauce or as a protein-rich topping in a salad. The vegan meatball “die Ausgezeichnete” (125 g) is fried without fat. Based on the butcher's meatball "die Ausgezeichnete" from FVZ, it can become a vital guest favorite. The vegan mince roll "tomato" is a twofold innovation, after all, vegan mince with filling still has a unique position in the market. Thanks to its creamy, fruity tomato filling, the product is extremely attractive for diners. With 120 grams perfectly portioned, it brings a breath of fresh air to the menu.
  • The new, vegan Liebingsschnitzel already has the favorite status in its name. Available in 60 or 140 grams, the versatile wheat protein schnitzel convinces with its uneven appearance and the crispy original breading of the favorite schnitzel. Whether in a pan or in the combi oven - your favorite vegan schnitzel is always quickly on your plate.

Discover our new vegan products here.

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